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--- George Orwell

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ash Wednesday & The Democrats' Problem With The 'Catholic Vote'

This blast from the not-so-far-off past might speak to some current problems that CNN, as well as other mainstream media news organizations, might have in the coming 2020 election cycle.

Turner’s Rep in Ashes---CNN Boss Called a Bigot After ‘Jesus Freaks’ Slur
Outraged leaders of Christian groups labeled Ted Turner a bigot yesterday after the Mouth from the South called staffers who wore ashes 
on their foreheads for Ash Wednesday “Jesus freaks.” 
The CNN honcho, who once proclaimed that Christianity is “for losers,” made the insulting remark in the network’s Washington newsroom last Wednesday at a staff meeting that preceded a retirement party for anchor Bernard Shaw. 
About 300 people were present and three or four staffers had ashes on their foreheads to mark Ash Wednesday. 
Sources said Turner stared at one of the staffers and said, “I was looking at this woman and I was trying to figure out what was on her forehead. At first I thought you were in the earthquake” in Seattle that day. 
As puzzled staffers furrowed their brows, the cable tycoon unleashed this zinger:“I realized you’re just Jesus freaks. Shouldn’t you guys be working for Fox?”Turner laughed, and there were a few titters in the audience, but most of the 300 people greeted the remarks with stony silence. 
---New York Post 3/8/01

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