To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle.
--- George Orwell

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bob Woodward On Washington's 'Secret World': 'A Rat's Nest Of Concealment And Lies'

My candidate for Best Sunday Morning Newsmaker Segment this week was the CBS Face The Nation discussion of Phil Shenon's new book on the "secret history" of the JFK assassination A Cruel and Shocking Truth. During the panel discussion after Shenon's author interview segment, Bob Woodward made reference to Washington's "Secret World' and how huge historical and investigative truths remain obscure in what he said was "a rat's nest of concealment and lies, as ever, then and now."

The phrasing and the cadence really caught my ear: a rat's nest of concealment and lies, as ever, then and now. The words sounded especially resonant in Woodward's flat, honest midwestern accent which sounded even more appealing by counterpoint to Phil Shenon's truly bizarre Count Dracula dye job.

The words should be chiseled somewhere on Woodward's tombstone, though I hope not any time soon. I'd love Woodward to publish a list of the five most compelling government secrets or conspiracy theories which he, as an investigative journalist, thinks are rich for pursuit but for one reason or another might defy his own formidable reportorial powers--- or represent too much trespass.  

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